How Does Nestlé Ensure Optimal Taste for All its Ice Cream Products in China?

Nestlé manages 400 ice cream warehouses across Mainland China, all operated by distributors. Ensuring all these distributors keep their ice cream at the required temperatures is challenging.

Pain Points:
– Wide distribution of warehouses results in limited, costly onsite management opportunities.
– Decentralized management leads to cumbersome, error-prone processes with low efficiency.

01 Deployment of Wireless Communication Temperature Sensors
ZenMeasure wireless temperature and humidity sensors provide a cost-effective solution for real-time data collection and cloud storage without the need for wall installations. This ensures that temperature and humidity data is instantly available in the cloud, allowing for easy access to date, time, temperature, and humidity information. By utilizing this approach, the risk of missed or inaccurate temperature readings is minimized.

02 IoT Hardware + SaaS Platform
Using ZenMeasure’s IoT hardware combined with a SaaS platform, customized Power BI dashboards allow Nestlé’s management to view real-time temperature curves across various distributor warehouses. By analyzing cumulative days at -18°C for each warehouse, the management can quickly assess whether distributors meet temperature control requirements, using this data for performance assessments.

03 Scanning WeChat QR Code
Warehouse staff no longer need to manually log temperatures. By scanning the QR code on ZenMeasure’s wireless temperature tags, they can easily view data for their assigned warehouse. This shifts temperature management from manual to digital, lowering labor costs and clearly defining responsibility, preventing buck-passing and improving efficiency.

Effects: From Decentralized to Unified Management, Efficient and Error-Free
– Comprehensive upgrade in distributor warehouse management and efficiency.
– Nestlé utilizes ZenMeasure’s wireless gateways, temperature tags, and probes along with the SaaS cloud platform and BI tools for real-time temperature monitoring.
– This solution improves ice cream product quality and enhances the efficiency of quality control personnel.

Hardware Cost Reduction: -43%
Nestlé adopted ZenMeasure’s tiered management solution for distributor cold storage. The top 100 distributor warehouses utilize a real-time wireless temperature monitoring solution, while other warehouses use a non-real-time solution. This approach reduced hardware costs by 43%.

– Temperature: <0.02℃/y
– Humidity: <0.25%RH/y

Temperature Management Efficiency: +90%
Cloud-stored data allows the management to view real-time data backend, significantly enhancing temperature management efficiency by 90%.

Digital Operation Effectiveness: +90%
Eliminating the need for manual temperature records prevents inaccurate or unrecorded temperatures and random data entry, boosting digital operation efficiency by 90%.We look forward to exploring even greater possibilities with our stakeholders.

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