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ZenMeasure Temperature Monitoring Solutions

At the core of ZenMeasure Measure IoT is the ultra-low-cost wireless temperature label, which is compact and highly water-resistant, easily applied in complex environments like smart homes, pharmaceutical vaccines, chain food, big agriculture, building energy saving, IDC room energy saving, cold chain logistics, and dangerous goods transportation.
Solution process

Simple steps for Temperature Monitoring

Low cost, compact size, easy to operate, with cloud data storage—access all measurement data anytime, anywhere.

1. Warehouse Temperature

Place wireless temperature labels inside the smallest package of goods (drugs, vaccines, flowers, etc.). Achieve uninterrupted temperature records from the warehouse to the end user, providing end-to-end temperature reports.

2. Smart Operation

No need to unpack, no special equipment required. Receivers can read temperature information through an app on their smartphones – simple, convenient, and cost-effective.

3. Temperature Detection

Automatically generate temperature curves, clearly displaying temperature changes during transport. Easily locate overheated intervals, facilitating problem tracking.

4. Packaging and Transport

Whether it’s refrigerated trucks, maritime, or air transport, a single temperature label directly completes temperature monitoring under existing transport modes. This effectively supplements the existing cold chain transport system. Temperature labels are reusable, significantly reducing the implementation cost of cold chain systems.
Smart Solutions

Multi-use wireless temperature tags, suitable for various scenarios

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Why choose ZenMeasure’s solutions?

Full Traceability

The wireless temperature tag can be continuously attached to the product throughout its journey. Without unpacking, it uploads real-time temperature data to the cloud and is tamper-proof, achieving truly seamless temperature recording from origin to the end user.

Flexible Deployment

No need to modify existing cold chain systems, implementation is simple and cost-effective. The low-cost temperature tags are reusable, and the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology ensures a long life cycle.

Electronic temperature labels can be reused, with reading devices being ordinary smartphones.

Consignees and inspectors can scan the QR code on the temperature tag to view the temperature change curve. With cloud platform assistance, alerts are received if limits are exceeded, helping track down and correct issues. A comprehensive cloud platform service further reduces the cost of temperature monitoring.

Multi-platform Support

Supports both web and mobile platforms, removing physical location barriers. The platform is compatible with various cold chain-related systems, including those in the vaccine, medical, agricultural, and food industries.
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