How Big Pizza, Utilizes Digital Tools to Craft a One-Stop Food Temperature Management Solution

Big Pizza is known for its viral durian and crayfish pizzas, allowing customers to watch the pizza-making process. To stand out, modern buffet restaurants need unique flavors and quality ingredients. The pandemic has made it crucial for restaurants to prevent waste and losses. Big Pizza partnered with ZenMeasure to upgrade temperature management for quality control.

Approach and Implementation Process
1. Wireless temperature collection devices placed in cold storage units continuously record data, uploaded to a cloud platform for instant access. ZenMeasure’s solution enhances efficiency by eliminating manual logging and allows for quick identification of historical issues to enforce staff protocols.

2. ZenMeasure’s wireless temperature tags are strategically placed around the store to monitor temperatures in food and cold cabinets. These cost-effective tags automatically send temperature data to the cloud, allowing headquarters to track changes in real-time via mobile devices and computers. Alerts are received for any temperature exceedances, ensuring prompt action to prevent food spoilage and enhance asset management efficiency.ZenMeasure’s wireless temperature monitoring cuts management time significantly, with ultra-low-cost wireless temperature tags providing a single-store ROI of up to 608%.

The collaboration between Big Pizza and ZenMeasure has resulted in a cost-effective solution that enhances the efficiency of cold storage and refrigeration equipment while lowering asset management expenses. This solution aligns with stringent food safety requirements, streamlining food safety management and accountability. Additionally, it introduces a new remote monitoring method. We look forward to exploring even greater possibilities with our stakeholders.

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