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This cookie statement describes how ZenMeasure and its affiliates (collectively referred to as “ZenMeasure” or “We”) use cookies and similar technologies installed on the computers, mobile devices, or tablets of visitors or users of our website, products, and/or applications (“Website”).

Cookies and similar technologies may process personal information. Please visit:

If you would like more information on how we process your personal information and exercise your data subject rights, please refer to our privacy statement
Our Privacy Preferences Center provides more information about the specific cookies we use on our website and manages your cookie preferences.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files placed on your device on our website. When you visit our website again, our technology will automatically connect cookies to identify you or your device and call up your information, such as your language preferences or login information. We also use third-party cookies that come from different domains than the website you are visiting, allowing us (third parties who own cookies and, in some cases, other participants in the cookie network) to identify you or your device when you visit different websites. The term “cookie” we use includes a piece of text, pixel, transparent GIF, log file, network beacon, or other similar tracking technology placed on your device.

We may use four types of cookies:

An absolutely necessary cookie is necessary for the normal operation of our website and for providing you with the services and information you request. Absolutely necessary cookies do not require consent.
Functional cookies can enhance functionality and personalization. For example, they allow our website to remember the information you provide (such as your language preferences) and store useful technical information for your interaction with our website. They may be set up by us or third-party providers whose services have been added to our website. If you do not allow these cookies, some or all of these services may not function properly.
Performance cookies collect information about your use of our website (for example, they allow us to calculate traffic and traffic sources), and help us understand the operation of our website so that we can make relevant improvements to improve your browsing experience (for example, they allow us to know which pages are most popular and least popular). All the information collected by these cookies is aggregated and therefore anonymous.
Advertising/location cookies collect data about your online activities and identify your interests, so that we can create a personal profile for you and provide advertisements that are more relevant to you. They also perform functions such as preventing the same advertisement from repeatedly appearing, ensuring that the advertisement is displayed correctly, and selecting advertisements based on your interests.

Why do we use cookies and other similar technologies?

We use cookies and other similar tracking techniques for the following purposes:
Store your preferences and settings;
Allow you to log in and verify your identity so that you can access our website and move from one page to another within our website;
Protecting our website, including fraud detection and prevention;
Presenting customized information to you based on your browsing preferences (such as language and geographic region);
Monitor the traffic patterns of users within our website and collect statistical data on your website usage to help us understand the operation of our website and how we can improve it, such as enhancing your browsing experience and providing more relevant services to you;
Provide us with business and marketing information;
Track users who visit, interact with, or use any of our websites, social media pages, online advertising, and marketing communications (such as which ads they click on, or whether they have opened or forwarded emails we send); And targeted advertising; And cross device and cross site tracking.

Who uses information stored in cookies and similar tracking technologies?

The information stored in our site’s cookies is for our (or third parties acting on our behalf) use only, except for third-party cookies. Third party cookies are used and managed by external parties to provide the services we request, in order to improve our services and your experience while browsing our site. For more information about the first party and third-party cookies used by ZenMeasure, please visit our Privacy Preferences Center.

So what about Flash cookies or local shared objects?

We may use Flash Cookies or Local Shared Objects (“Flash LSO”) to store your website preferences, personalize your access, prevent fraud, and perform other website operations. If you do not want Flash LSO to be stored on your computer, you can use the tools included in the website’s storage settings panel to adjust the settings of the Flash player to prevent Flash LSO from being stored. You can also control Flash LSO by going to the Global Storage Settings panel and following the instructions (which may include instructions on how to delete existing Flash LSO, etc.).

Targeted advertising

We track and analyze personalized usage and summarize statistical information related to your use of our website. We also collaborate with third parties, such as advertisers and advertising partners, to display advertisements on our website and manage and provide advertisements on other third-party websites. These third parties use cookies and similar tracking techniques to collect and use certain information about your online activities on our website or other third-party websites to measure and track the effectiveness of advertising and our online marketing activities (for example, by collecting data on the number of times you click on one of our advertisements). These pieces of information can be used individually or in combination with information we have obtained about you from other sources, such as our data partners, your contact information, and ZenMeasure transaction history, to infer your interests and provide you with targeted advertising and marketing that are more suitable for you based on your browsing activities and inferred interests (“interest based advertising”). This type of interest based advertising is only provided to the extent permitted by applicable law and based on your advertising/marketing preferences. Please note that other third-party cookies and technologies are governed by the specific privacy policies of each company and are not covered by this cookie statement.

Cross device and cross website tracking

We, our service providers, and other third parties (such as Google and other advertising partners) may use the information we collect about you (whether directly from our website or from third parties) to identify you online by identifying the device you are using. We use this information to provide targeted advertising to you on multiple different devices (“cross device matching”) and websites (“cross website tracking”). Cross device matching and cross website tracking enable us to better understand customer activities, improve our ability to locate and measure advertising campaigns (including limiting the number of times users see ads). It can also help us match devices so that we can provide you with the option to exit on all devices we know are connected to cookies that you choose to exit.

Disable cookies and choose to exit interest based advertising

You can use our Privacy Preferences Center to choose whether to receive cookies, or your browser settings should allow you to delete and/or disable website cookies. For more information on how to delete cookies in a web browser, please refer to the browser instructions: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari (Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch).
If you choose to disable cookies, you may find that the website may not work in the same way. Some cookies are necessary for recording and respecting your choice not to be contacted or not to add other types of cookies to your device. If you delete cookies from your computer, the cookies used to identify your preferences (including interest based advertisements) will also be deleted, and you will need to make a choice again.
Users can also choose to exit third-party advertising networks by using various industry association websites, such as:
Network Advertising Initiative (NAI)-
Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) – (i) Global: ; (ii) Europe:
Choosing to withdraw from interest based advertising will cause you to withdraw from these companies sending you interest based content or advertisements, but it does not mean that you will no longer receive any advertisements through our website or other websites. You may still see advertisements from ZenMeasure, but these advertisements will not be customized by ZenMeasure or our partners for you. If you do not wish your personal information to be used at any time to allow third-party display of advertisements or personalize the advertisements displayed to you, you can also use third-party tools such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn to adjust your settings.

Prohibit Tracking (DNT)

Some web browsers may send a “no tracking” signal to the website you are communicating with. Due to the different ways in which web browsers integrate and activate this feature, it is not always clear whether users intend to send these signals or whether they are aware of them. We may not take action on these signals. You can also disable certain tracking (such as by disabling cookies), or choose to exit targeted advertising according to the instructions in the “disabling cookies and choosing to exit interest based advertising” section.

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