Walmart X ZenMeasure – Case study

case background

Walmart continues to drive retail towards ultimate experience and efficiency with new models and concepts.

As a perennial leader in the Fortune 500, Walmart is not only known for its long history and resilient business model but also for its continual innovation. ZenMeasure’s partnership has flourished due to this spirit of innovation.

Omega 8 is a strategic innovation platform launched by Walmart China, which interfaces internally with retail sectors including Walmart stores and Sam’s Club, and externally connects with high-tech startups for close collaboration. This initiative strives for sector-wide innovation based on Walmart China’s retail scenarios.
Business Pain Points

Exploring Critical Operational Challenges

For Walmart China, the Chinese retail market comprises a complex structure of modern retail system development, foreign enterprise retail systems, and the rise of e-commerce. In this challenging and opportunistic network, Walmart China needs to accelerate its digital transformation to keep up with the rapidly evolving retail environment in China.
The teams identified many business scenarios where IoT temperature control technology could be integrated, but it was not practical to test all scenarios.
ZenMeasure’s Solutions

How Does ZenMeasure Help Walmart Address Business Pain Points?

Low-cost, small-size, easy-deploy ZenMeasure wireless temperature tags are flexibly placed in various storage units with fresh goods. Using a mobile app to simplify the shipping steps, wireless temperature tags monitor the temperature in transit, sensed by gateways and reported to the cloud platform to create temperature curves, thereby helping Walmart understand the real-time temperature of each item, facilitating traceability management of goods.

1. Supplier Selection

Select three fresh food suppliers with particularly high temperature requirements for testing.

2. Bundle with Temp Tags

At the supplier’s end, orders are bundled with temperature tags for shipping, allowing ZenMeasure’s wireless temperature tags to start recording the transport temperature in real-time.

3. Upload Data at PDC

Suppliers send the test products on time to Walmart Dongguan PDC, where ZenMeasure’s gateway automatically collects the previous temperature data and uploads it to the cloud.

4. Store Data Collection

Walmart PDC dispatches and sends to the test stores, where Walmart store’s ZenMeasure gateway automatically collects the previous segment’s temperature data and uploads it to the cloud.
Solution Impact Results

Achieved comprehensive cold chain temperature archive management from supplier to PDC, and then to stores; cold chain transport segments are verifiable, assessable, and auditable.


Why Did Walmart Choose ZenMeasure?

Data stored in the cloud, more secure against tampering

Supports multi-platform use, free from physical limitations

No manual recording required, simple and convenient operation

Low cost, easy deployment, unified temperature management

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