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How Does Nestle Ensure All Its Ice Cream Is Sold in Optimal Taste Condition?

Nestle Ice Cream is a delightful world filled with fun and pleasure. In China, Nestlé’s brand mission is to provide consumers with pleasurable taste experiences and joyful leisure time through high-quality, diverse ice cream products.

Temperature is crucial to the quality and taste of ice cream, and Nestlé’s high standards for efficient and intelligent ice cream quality management have led to the collaboration between Nestlé China and ZenMeasure.
ZenMeasure’s Solutions

Exploring Critical Operational Challenges

Distributor cold storage is widely dispersed, offering few opportunities for on-site management by headquarters and high costs, leading to decentralized management of these cold stores. This not only complicates processes, extends time, and is prone to errors but also results in low efficiency.
All these cold stores belong to distributors, ensuring that all the ice creams sold by distributors meet temperature standards is challenging.

How Does ZenMeasure Help Nestle Address Business Pain Points?

Implement tiered management for distributor cold stores. The top distributors use a ‘real-time’ temperature monitoring solution based on wireless technology that transmits various data to the cloud. For other distributors, a ‘non-real-time’ wireless temperature monitoring solution is used, where cold store managers or inspectors use a mobile app to read and upload data.

Top distributors

LoRa Gateway + Temperature Probes + SaaS Cloud Platform

Other distributors

Wireless Temperature Tags + Mobile App
Solution Impact Results

Compared to manual and handheld temperature recorder
monitoring solutions

Management costs decreased
Operational efficiency increased

Why nestle choose ZenMeasure solutions?

Data stored in the cloud, tamper-proof and safer

Supports multi-platform use, free from physical limitations

No manual recording required, simple and convenient operation

Low cost, easy deployment, unified temperature management.

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