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How Does Luckin Coffee Achieve Rapid Growth While Maintaining a High-Quality Consumer Experience?

Luckin Coffee, one of the largest coffee chain brands in China by store count, places significant emphasis on the quality of its products and services.
It continuously strives to enhance the consumer experience and operational efficiency of its stores through smart solutions. ZenMeasure provides Luckin Coffee with an intelligent freezer management solution.

Stability of freezers and systems is crucial for the orderly operation of coffee shop businesses,
and Luckin Coffee’s high standards for efficient and intelligent management of store freezers led to the collaboration with ZenMeasure.
Business Pain Points

Exploring Critical Operational Challenges

Traditional coffee and restaurant chains rely heavily on human input, leveraging the experience of employees and the decision-making of store managers for operational management. However, depending solely on individual responsibility and attitude for managing coolers across multiple stores leads to short asset lifespans, high maintenance and repair costs, and low efficiency.
Luckin Coffee aims to maintain rapid store expansion while breaking through the industry’s reliance on human management for cooler operations across multiple locations.

Coffee Machines

Stability Issues

Ingredient Temperature

Compliance with Standards


Operational Downtime
ZenMeasure’s Solutions

How Does ZenMeasure Help Luckin Address Business Pain Points?

Low-cost, small-sized, easy-to-install ZenMeasure wireless temperature tags are distributed across all stores. The installation of these products does not require technicians to travel; employees can install them themselves, monitoring and recording freezer temperatures to anticipate and prevent asset faults.

1. Tag Distribution

Distribute wireless temperature tags across all stores for employee self-installation.

2. Tag Placement

Place wireless temperature tags inside the freezers.

3. QR Code Attachment

Attach the corresponding QR code
on the outside of the freezer door.

4. Data Upload

In the morning, employees
scan the code to upload data.
Solution Impact Results

Achievement of intelligent management, monitoring, and predictive maintenance for freezers across multiple stores.

Operational efficiency improvement
Return on Investment (ROI)

Why choose ZenMeasure solutions?

Remote monitoring reduces freezer downtime.

Enhanced fault prediction and analysis of freezer operation.

Mobile tools improve the work efficiency of technicians.

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