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case background

How Does Eli Lilly Improve the Quality of Life in China?

Eli Lilly in China, under the motto ‘Rooted in China, Benefiting China’, strives to provide high-quality pharmaceuticals to the Chinese people,
saving lives and enhancing the quality of life. Eli Lilly China’s high standards for pharmaceutical quality have led to the collaboration with Zeneasure.

To address the challenges of fragmentation and mini-packaging in China’s pharmaceutical sector due to the ‘two-invoice system’, and to efficiently monitor the quality and safety of every pharmaceutical product,
Eli Lilly China has chosen to collaborate with ZenMeasure, hoping to upgrade its existing cold chain processes.
ZenMeasure’s Solutions

Business Pain Point

In the past, Eli Lilly’s recorders are relatively expensive and require a lot of time to set parameters, read data, and manage archives. They are not fully networked at various distribution points, making it difficult to achieve rapid information sharing.

The ‘information silos’ of temperature data at various points in the transport process also lead to high costs for Eli Lilly in both real-time and non-real-time monitoring and management of drug temperatures, while Eli Lilly and its logistics partners also wish to enhance the efficiency of logistics monitoring.

How Does ZenMeasure Help Lilly Address Business Pain Points?

Place cost-effective, compact, and easy-to-install
ZenMeasure wireless temperature tags flexibly within various storage units to monitor in-transit temperatures, achieving the goal of information sharing, which helps to connect the ‘information silos’ of temperatures during drug transport.

1. Tag Placement

Place wireless temperature tags with the pharmaceuticals in different storage units;

2. QR Code Attachment

Attach adhesive QR codes of temperature tags on the outside of storage units;

3. Data Binding and Upload

Use a handheld PDA to scan the QR code to bind the temperature tag with the goods and upload the data to the cloud;

4. Arrival and Data Retrieval

Upon arrival, scan the code with a mobile phone to print, read historical temperatures, while the Bluetooth gateway automatically captures data from the temperature tags, uploading it to the cloud.
Solution Impact Results

Efficiency Boost and Cost Reductions

Efficiency increased
Equipment costs reduced

Why choose ZenMeasure solutions?

Data stored in the cloud, Tamper-proof and safer

Supports multi-platform interfacing, Achieves information sharing

No manual recording required, Simple and convenient operation

Low cost, easy deployment, Temperature traceability management

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