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Sensor Powered, Data Driven, World Improved.

– Contactless data reading
– No more reliance on traditional PC
– Anti-tampering and anti-loss of data
– More humanized operation experience
About ZenMeasure

Temperature Monitoring Sensors and Solutions Provider

ZenMeasure is part of both the Xiaomi and Fosun ecosystems, with a focus on AIoT (Artificial Intelligence + Internet of Things). Our products are sensors used in smart homes, pharmaceutical vaccines, and chain food industries, and we offer complete solutions for monitoring the temperature of temperature-sensitive goods during storage and transportation.
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ZenMeasure’s Products

Intelligent Temperature Sensors

Wireless temperature tag
Wireless temperature tag
Wireless electronic temperature tag
Wireless electronic temperature tag
Real-Time Temperature and Humidity Meter MOT-U606
ZenMeasure’s Solutions

Temperature Monitoring Solutions for Temperature-Sensitive Goods

At the core of ZenMeasure IoT is the ultra-low-cost wireless temperature label, which is compact and highly water-resistant, easily applied in complex environments like smart homes, pharmaceutical vaccines, chain food, big agriculture, building energy saving, IDC room energy saving, cold chain logistics, and dangerous goods transportation.

Cold Storage Temperature Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of warehouse temperature data, cloud analysis, and alarm notifications.

Continuous Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring

Real-time tracking and monitoring, safety alerts.

Cold Chain Temperature Record Traceability

Complete records accessible without unpacking, viewable via mobile app.
Solutions’ Application Scenarios

Multi-use wireless temperature tags, suitable for various scenarios.

Low cost, compact size, easy to operate, with cloud data storage—access all measurement data anytime, anywhere.
Cold Chain Transportation
Ensure Compliance, Extend Shelf Life, and Reduce Waste.
Smart Buildings
Energy Saving and Emission Reduction, Ensuring Environmental Quality.
IDC Rooms
Lower Energy Consumption, Effectively Reduce Operating Costs.
New Energy Vehicles
Fire Prevention, Early Risk Warning Alerts.
Urban Warehousing
Simple and Easy to Use, Extends the Freshness of Goods.
Retail Storefronts
Remote Management and Preventive Maintenance of Refrigeration Equipment.
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